Talks (selected)

2022:    How hearing influences our visual perception. President’s seminar “What you see and what you get“, Wolfson College. (invited talk).

2021:    Synchronisation of neural oscillations within and across sensory modalities. Virtual Colloquium, Dortmund. (invited talk).

2021:    Rhythmic modulation of visual perception through cross-modal entrainment. Psychologie und Gehirn Conference.

2020:    Cross-modal influences of auditory rhythms on visual perceptual processing. Virtual Symposium: Neural oscillations and multisensory processing.

2019:    Rhythmic auditory stimulation guides visual perception. British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience, Cambridge (speed talk).

2019:    The role of neural oscillations for cross-modal perception. University of Salzburg, Austria (invited talk).

2018:    How the brain entrains to musical rhythms. Music, Mind and Brain Lecture Series, Goldsmiths, University of London (invited talk).

2017:    Visual to auditory entrainment enhances auditory gap detection performance. 1st Conference of the Timing ResearchForum, France, Strasbourg.

2017:    Cross-modal phase entrainment enhances auditory gap detection abilities. MEG UK, Oxford, UK.

2017:    The role of auditory and cross-modal entrainment on auditory gap detection performance. Cognitive Area Seminar, Department of Psychology, McGill University (invited talk).

2014:    Electrophysiological correlates of musical tempo preferences. ICMPC13 - APSCOM5, Seoul, South Corea.